Where to get your adrenaline fix in Queenstown?

You have arrived in the adventure capital of the world, congratulations you are in for a damn good time! Calling all thrill seekers, adrenaline jukies and those down for some iconic Queenstown experience, read below and get your adventure on.

Stop one

Go Orange Jet Boat

Queenstown, the home of commercial Jet Boating and Go Orange happen to own the best in the business. 47km of thrilling Jet Boating awaits. One whole hour on the water exploring further down the Kawarau than ever before, sheer cliffs and the shallows will greet you. Packing in plenty of those famous 360-degree spins and navigating under two bridges. Your driver will be epic, we can vouch for that stopping for photo opportunities and giving you all the info, you need about the local area.

Stop two

Shotover River Rafting

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Fun

Continue by exploring the Shotover River but this time in a raft taking on that iconic white water. Grad your mates, gear up and 4WD it down New Zealand’s most dangerous road into Skippers Canyon. Raft grade 3-5 rapids aptly named Toilet, Jaws and Oh Sh*t – just to name a few. End by rafting through the 170m long Oxenbridge tunnel and one final rapid, cascade. An exhilarating four hours of pure adrenaline.

Stop three

Jet to Raft – The Kawarau River

Go Orange Rafting Kawarau River - Rapids

Wait, what? Jet Boat and Whitewater rafting combo? That’s right! Hitch a ride in the Go Orange Jet Boat to the Kawarau raft put in. Trade comfy Jet Boat seats for a perch on the edge of a Whitewater raft as you take on Grade 2-3 rapids in the lower canyons of the Kawarau river. Ride Rodeo swim a rapid and cliff jump your way down the most scenic stretch of water in Queenstown. For all you film buff’s this river was used in The Lord of The Rings movies – so epic!

Stop Four

Shotover Canyon Swing

Canyon Swing

Imagine being strapped to your mate flying through a canyon towards the crystal clear waters of the Shotover River, well that’s the Canyon Swing and man is it scary. There are hundreds of jump styles from strapping yourself to a chair, being kicked off backwards or riding a bike off the edge, you never know what youre going to get so save your dollars and be prepared to jump more than once.

Stop Five

AJ Hackett Kawarau Bridge Jump

Kawarau Bridge Bungy

Queenstown is the home to the first ever commercial Bungy jump in the world. Youll be spoilt for choice with locations to throw yourself from. We suggest for first timers you head to the first ever commercial jump site at the Kawarau bridge, you can opt for the classic jump or a dunk in the water. Watch out for the crew at Go Orange Whitewater rafting who may pass under you at some point.

Stop Six

Canyoning NZ

Get up close and personal with raw, untouched New Zealand scenery that is inaccessible to your average Joe. Jump on the Queenstown Ferry with the Canyoning NZ crew to the exclusive Black Spur location.  Walk for around 45 mins (or opt to heli in) and then make your way through cliffs and canyons by jumping, zip lining and abseiling into the abyss.

No previous experience required, just passion for an epic adventure.

Finished with your adrenaline fuelled activities for the day? Then head to our mates at World Bar for beers and burgers, the ultimate wind down location.