What to pack on your kayak adventure

Go Orange Kayak Milford Sound - Misty

Kayak Milford Sound

Any trip down into Fiordland will be unforgettable but kayaking through Milford Sound will be an adventure you will never forget. Think mighty mountains, fresh waterfall spray on your face and an epic backdrop that will have your Instagram feed going off. Here’s a list of all the things we suggest you bring to make your adventure an epic one.

They claim there’s never a bad weather day in Milford, a place that receives the most rainfall than anywhere in the country one would think this would deter our travellers. But no, during or just after rainfall is one of the best times to visit. Thousands of temporary waterfalls appear, and our resident wildlife seems to love it when it rains, so keep your eye out for them in the Sound.


Bring your camera, you are going to want to gram this stuff. Go Pros, handhelds and phones are all welcome. We can provide you with a small dry bag for when you are paddling through the waters.


Bring your sunnies as four hours on the water will be a helluva lot less enjoyable if you have to squint the whole time. Protect your best assets from the UV and marvel at Milford in all her glory.

Sunscreen & bug repellent

The sun in New Zealand is pretty powerful and we don’t want you to come back resembling our favourite red vegetable now do we? Slap on the sunscreen and bring extra bug repellant for those pesky sandflies.

Water, snacks, lunch

Come prepared as after Te Anau you won’t find a single place to purchase food or drink (unless you are cruising the sound) We can take snacks with us and water in a reusable bottle can be strapped to the front of your kayak.

Shoes to get wet

Don’t bring your Balenciaga's, leave those goods at home. Just pop on some shoes you don’t mind getting wet as getting in and out of the kayak may be in the shallow waters of the Deep Water Basin.

Suitable clothing

By suitable clothing, we mean comfortable activewear style garms. Just something you feel comfortable moving around in. Feel free to wear leggings, shorts, and merino under the thermals we give you or just pop on some swimwear.

Towel / Swimsuit

It is wise to bring along your swimsuit and a towel, that way you can dry up and freshen up after your adventure. We have changing rooms on site and somewhere you can store your gear.

What will we do for you?

As well as provide you with the adventure of a lifetime we will bring our A-Game. That includes legendary, experienced guides who only take a max of 8 kayakers out at one time. We have top-notch sea kayak gear, clothes, paddles, and all the essentials. Before you put paddle to the water, we will be inducting you on safety and paddle techniques, so you are fully prepared when out in the elements. Most important of all… we will guide you through our epic backyard and show you why we love Fiordland so much.

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