What to expect when kayaking Milford Sound

Go Orange Kayak Milford Sound - Experience

You mean aside from epic mountain views, glaciers, waterfalls and beautiful native bush? Milford Sound is incredible, which is why we not only work there but live down here too. From the safety of our double sea kayaks you will be as close to the elements as humanly possible (without swimming of course) we will get you up close and personal to the mountains, the waterfalls and show you why our backyard is so damn beautiful.

Epic views

That’s right, rain or shine she is a beauty. From our base at Deep Water Basin, you will kayak out towards Mitre Peak or down towards Sandfly point through the elusive Dragons Den. Mountain peaks tower over you and your memory card will be full to the brim of awesomeness.

Legendary local guides

Our guides love Fiordland so much that they live here as well as work here. This means they know all the insider goods, can supply tips, top banter and must do’s while in their neck of the woods. Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of these guys?

Go Orange Kayak Milford Sound - Waterfall
Personalised and intimate tour

Our guides will only ever take a maximum group of 8 paddlers meaning you get plenty of attention during your experience. We want to make sure you have time to chat, ask questions and feel safe in the hands of our guide while out of the water. Smaller groups make for a good time if you ask us.

Route depending on weather

Our routes are never set in stone, that’s the beauty of Mother Nature and her powerful presence in Milford Sound. It rains a lot in Fiordland National Park, which is why we can boast about the incredible waterfalls. The rain will not affect your experience out in the Sound, we supply fully waterproof clothing to make you comfortable. Haven’t you heard? Milford is beautiful rain or shine.

Visits from our local residents

Milford Sound is a haven for marine life and depending on when you travel you may see a variety of friends on route. Home to Fiordland crested penguins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Native Kea birds, and New Zealand Fur seals, this is just to name a few. As you paddle around your guide will be keeping an eye out for our locals and will guide you safely in their space.

Go Orange Cruise Milford Sound -  Seals

Old mate Rudyard Kipling, you know the Jungle Book man once said that Milford Sound is the 8th wonder of the world. Well, we highly support that statement and it will be backed up once you lay eyes on the wonder for yourself. Milford is home to permanent waterfalls, Bowen Falls, Stirling Falls, and fairy falls, get ready when it rains hundreds of waterfalls cascade from the sky and it’s epic!


Mitre Peak is pretty spectacular, that’s the big mountain welcoming you into the sound, you know the one you have seen on all the postcards. Imaging kayaking underneath that, she sits at 1692m high and it’s summit sits over a mile directly above the Sound, crazy right? Mitre Peak is one of many peaks to marvel at.

Go Orange Kayak Milford Sound - Prep
The chance to kayak & then cruise in the sound

What an upgrade. After getting down and personal at sea level why not join us onboard the Milford Haven boat for a cruise. The Milford Haven loops Milford Sound pokes her nose out to the Tasman Sea and then back into Stirling falls. Why wouldn’t you want to combine two of the most iconic Fiordland experiences?

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