What to do in Milford Sound when it is raining?

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Milford Sound is one of the wettest places in the world and the wettest inhabited place in New Zealand receiving on average 7m of rainfall every year, so when we say don’t forget to pack your coat, we mean it.

Thankfully, even when the heavens to decide to open there is still plenty to see and do, a little rain never hurt nobody right? First, all the short walks on route to Milford Sound can still be completed rain or shine. A wise old boat skipper used to say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, so be sure to take ol’ man Jim’s advice and pack accordingly.

Carved out by glacial movement hundreds of years ago, Fiordland National Park is a spectacular place to visit. When it rains the walls are covered in water, waterfalls appear and it covers the mountains.

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Be sure to stop when exiting the Homer Tunnel, as this in our opinion, is magical in the rain. Don’t let your waterfall excitement stop there. During rainfall our permanent waterfalls, Lady Bowen Falls and Stirling falls pump with water as do many, many temporary waterfalls cascading from the mountain tops making the whole area come alive.

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Lucky for you, we recently spent some time making our boat perfect for those who don’t want to brave the elements. With outward facing seats, a fully stocked bar and café with some pretty epic artwork to peruse over as you navigate the Sound. The Milford Haven has two levels. The bottom level is where you will find our café and the awesome eats sourced from local eateries as well as classic kiwi fish and chips and bacon butties for you early morning dwellers. Let’s not forget about the bar, we have an exclusively brewed XPA from our friends at Canyon Food & Brew Co. available on the bottom deck and the top deck (if the sun decides to make an appearance). Fresh smoothies and raw balls are also on order and if a barista made coffee tickles your fancy then we’ve got you covered.

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Take shelter from the rain inside one of our comfy booths or purchase a $5 poncho and brave the rain.

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Every boat will nose into the famous Stirling Falls so you have the chance to have a waterfall shower and after that you may as well stay outside and enjoy some of that mood.

The top deck has a communal wooden bench seat for you to perch on and take in the views. The waterfalls that surround the Fiord are at their absolute best on a rainy day, you will see heaps more and our resident falls will be kicking out some power. Don’t forget to bring your camera and create some memories to take home with you.

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They say there is never a bad day in Milford Sound, rain, shine, wind or snow. The whole experience is spectacular.

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