What to bring Jet Boating?

Go Orange Jet Boat - action

So, you have booked to explore the Kawarau river on board our Go Orange Jet Boat, excellent life choices my friend, you are going to have an excellent time.

If you have never been Jet Boating before then you are in for a treat. The Jet boat was developed in the 1950’s by New Zealander Bill Hamilton, however further down the track New Zealanders realised potential for commercial use and Jet Boating was born in Queenstown. We are lucky enough to have three powerhouses on Lake Wakatipu and our Jet Boat experience is an incredible way to explore further down the Kawarau River than ever before. Here is a little checklist of items to bring with you:

  • Sunscreen
    The Sun in New Zealand is pretty powerful, even in the Winter so be sure to pack a little Sun protection for your visit.
  • Sunglasses
    We need to protect those precious viewers so bring your sunnies along. The Jet Boat travels at speed so it’s a great way to protect from the wind and still be able to take in all those incredible views.
  • Go Pro /Camera
    We welcome your cameras onboard the Go Orange Jet Boats. If you want to bring your GoPro’s and selfie sticks, then all aboard! We love it when you capture you adventures and share them online. Please note, all camera equipment brought on board is at your own risk, you may get splashed during those 360 spins, but our crew can supply a spray jacket for you and your gear.
  • Warm clothes & hat
    Brrr, Queenstown can be chilly especially in the Winter months so be sure to wrap up warm. We highly suggest bringing a coat, hat and gloves to keep you toasty as you whizz across Lake Wakatipu.

What we provide

As long as you have warm clothes, sensible shoes and a sense of adventure then we are all good to go. Our crew will provide you with a spray jacket to keep you warm and that all-important Lifejacket. We have goggles available for you to return at the end of your experience. Looks like you are all good to go. We will see you down at the Go Orange Kiosk in Queenstown Bay for an unforgettable experience along Lake Wakatipu and down the  Kawarau River.

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