To Jet Boat or not to Jet Boat?

For me there are two ways to see Queenstown, high above it all on one of the impressive hikes around the region or out on the lake. On a clear day the views will surely take your breath away. It is no secret that Queenstown is well known for Jet boating, sitting comfortably as one of Queenstown’s top three original adrenaline activities, it is one for all the family. I love experiencing new things, especially things that get my heart beating a little faster and I had heard excellent reviews about Go Orange Jet Boat Queenstown.

We arrived at the lake front kiosk, greeted by smiley faces and two four legged friends – Go Orange Jet Boat’s very own dog mascots. I anticipated a full-on log flume style soaking when I was kitted out with my spray jacket and life vest, our driver however assured us we would only receive a light spraying of glacial water, it was a beautiful day in Queenstown, the sun was shining, and the lake was as blue as blue can be so the cold water was welcomed.

I listened to the safety briefing, holding on tight when the driver waved her hands around warning of the impending spins, keeping all body parts firmly inside the boat at all times. We raced down Lake Wakatipu, surrounded by the best views my eyes had ever laid eyes on. The hour-long trip was EPIC, reaching speeds of 90kmph and travelling the furthest distance on the river. We navigated under not only one but two bridges at high speed was enough to get my heart beating faster than before.

We stopped a few times to listen to Kylie's quick wit and informative insights on the area. I have lived here in Queenstown for two years, right underneath the mountains we were hurtling toward and I never knew the origin of their name, The Remarkables. They are one of two mountain ranges in the world that run true north to south, pretty impressive if you ask me.

Selfie sticks at the ready, you are invited to take your own insane photos of the Jet Boats hurtling top speed around Lake Wakatipu, providing you the ultimate bragging rights with the images and videos you can take home to your friends and family. Jet Boats scream up and down the lake and rivers all day, giving all the on-shore punters some good viewing as the boats complete their famous 360-degree spins.

Racing over Lake Wakatipu is one of Queenstown’s best loved activities for locals and tourists alike and Go Orange offer the Jet Boat ride of your life.  If you’re anything like me you will not be disappointed. Go Orange Jet Boat offers fun for all the family, the youngest ever rider being only two years old!

So to answer my earlier question…. YES! Go Jet Boating!

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