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Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Orange Heli-Rafting

Go Orange Shotover River Heli-Raft

The Winter season is upon us, snow is starting to fall and, temps are below freezing. That can only mean one thing though, right? Winter Heli rafting his HERE!

The Shotover River is ready to be rafted, but to get there we have to be a little inventive. In normal months, by normal we mean above zero on the temperature gauge and blistering hot sunshine you will 4WD it down the Skippers Canyon Road, dubbed New Zealand’s most dangerous road.

But, why should we let the weather hinder our fun? To get to Boulder Beach, the Winter raft put in we fly you there. That’s right, some real action film sh*t goes down. Starting the day as normal in town or out at base where you will receive all of the gear you need to keep warm on this adventure. Next stop is the Heli pad on Coronet Peak where your flying mobile awaits, jump in for the most epic scenic flight in Queenstown, banking through the canyon, right above the river you are about to raft.

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Helicopter

Go Orange Heli-Raft Heli-Pad

As the guides blow up your rafts the safety brief is conducted, listen carefully this is all the essential information you need in case you decided to take a dip in the Shotover River alone or with your whole crew. Then the real adventure begins, grade 3-5 rapids are in sight and you are about to feel that sweet glacial water all up in your face – it’s refreshing, trust us.

Hold on tight, get down and paddle for your life as you tackle Squeeze, Aftershock, Jaws and Oh Sh*t just to name a few of the rapids. The notorious Toilet rapid will be there to test your teamwork and if you make it out together then the 170m long Oxenbridge tunnel and final rapid are just around the corner.

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Rapid Action

Go Orange Shotover River

Our guides are well trained, super passionate and self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies. During the float sections they will fill you with local knowledge and be sure to dish out all their favourite Queenstown experiences *cough Jet Boat cough*

Go Orange Jet Boat - action

Go Orange Jet Boat

Congratulations, you’re done, you did it, you competed the Shotover River rafting experience. Now as much as we would like to have a fan fare waiting at the bottom of Cascade, we can’t, its cold you know. But what we can offer you is a hot shower at base and time for a hot beverage before you are whisked back down to Queenstown on the shuttle.

Does this sound like the most epic experience for you?

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