Rainbow Tick

What is the rainbow tick you may ask?


The Rainbow tick is a certification mark that businesses and organisations that complete a diversity & inclusion assessment can obtain. The Rainbow tick is about accepting and valuing people in our workplace, in our work whanau. We embrace the diversity of sexual and gender identities providing a supportive and safe work environment that accepts people’s differences.

The Rainbow certification process tests the workplace's understanding and welcomes sexual and gender diversity. The process involves an on-going quality improvement process. Getting the Rainbow Tick allows us to show employees, customers, and the wider world that we are a progressive, inclusive and dynamic organisation that reflects an ever-growing community.

Diversity of thought is achieved as an outcome of diverse representation. Every person is shaped by experiences they have lived; the way we think, communicate and view the world shapes our identities. We believe it is important to ensure people from all walks of life are included in Go Orange’s workforce to create a culture of inclusion and equity.

The Rainbow Tick is a huge stamp of approval, we are proud to fly the rainbow flag high and will continue to learn, grow and educate with our work whanau. With our extensive work and involvement in the Winter Pride activities and the Pride Pledge, this was a natural progression for our company. We include all information in our handbooks, online and make sure that throughout all training this message is wildly spread.

Go Orange pride ourselves on being open-minded and welcoming. Diversity cannot flourish without having a culture of inclusion. Embracing diversity by celebrating and valuing different qualities people bring to work creates an inclusive culture, ensuring a stronger more productive workforce.

We welcome, celebrate and embrace all. Join us in this celebration of our people, we think they are pretty epic & you will too.