Pride Pledge


Go Orange Rafting Guides

Go Orange pride ourselves on being open-minded and welcoming. Diversity cannot flourish without having a culture of inclusion.

Embracing diversity by celebrating and valuing different qualities people bring to work creates an inclusive culture, ensuring a stronger more productive workforce.

We believe that diversity encompasses the gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, physical capability, family responsibilities, education, mental health, and cultural background. An inclusive work environment means that whatever diversity you are bringing to the Go Orange family is given the best opportunity to express itself, be heard, and be acted upon – we want you to be you at work.

Diversity of thought is achieved as an outcome of diverse representation. Every person is shaped by experiences they have lived; the way we think, communicate and view the world shapes our identities. We believe it is important to ensure people from all walks of life are included in Go Orange’s workforce to create a culture of inclusion and equity.

As proud Gold Supporters of the Pride Pledge and Platinum Sponsors for Pride Week, a key focus for us is the Rainbow community. One of our major accomplishments to date has been signing up with Rainbow Tick and committing to bettering visibility, safety, and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community by taking the Pride Pledge. We run regular workshops and focus sessions with Rainbow Tick and Pride Pledge. Every year Winter Pride graces our streets and the whole town gets involved. The pride pledge gives local businesses’ the chance to get involved, wave that rainbow flag high and increase understanding throughout workforces. We educate our staff, which in turn filters down to our travellers thus creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.