Planning your Overnight Kayak Adventure

Go Orange Kayak Doubtful Sound - Overnight

Your overnight kayak is on the horizon and you may be wondering how to prepare, what to pack and most of all what to expect deep down in Fiordland National Park.

 Okay, the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin. Meet us at Lake Manapouri for a one-hour cruise over to West Arm, our guides will be on board and happy for the early morning yarns over a coffee. Lake Manapouri is often described as the loveliest of all lakes, home to 33 small islands and the cathedral mountain range hanging around in the background, perfect with that early sunrise. Jump on the coach over the Wilmot Pass down into Deep Cove where the real adventure begins.

This is where you will receive all your gear. We have quality double sea kayaks, fashion-forward thermals and wet weather gear to give you that runway-ready look. Our expert and legendary guides will induct you in paddle and safety brief before pushing you out into Deep Cove.

Paddle deep into the unknown for at least 5 hours, discover islands, hidden coves and let the dramatic landscapes unfold. Up there as one of the most stunning sights in the world, Doubtful is also known as one of the remotest places in Fiordland National Park.

Your evening accommodation is all ready for you. We have ready-made camps in the native bush, a communal area to cook and eat. Short nature walks around camp are available to you before settling down for the night. Food is essential for this adventure. You will need to pack for both days. Popular choices are freeze dry meals, this is easy for the guides to boil some water and prepare. Also, sandwiches, pre-made pasta dishes or anything that fits in a reusable tub will suffice. Fruit, muesli bars and nuts are a good snack option for the daytime.


Go Orange Kayak Doubtful Sound - Camping

What to wear you ask? Well, leave your cotton at home, we need you to be warm and comfortable while kayaking and also at camp. So activewear, merino layers, swimwear and a jumper for the evening will see you right. Bring a soft bag (leave your suitcases at home) a change of clothes and a towel. You may also want to bring your sleeping bag or rent one from the team in Te Anau.

 Our Sea kayaks have compartments for your belongings, so you have a safe place for the above. We will also provide you with small dry sacks for your valuables. Bring GoPro’s, cameras, phones, anything really to capture the epicness of Doubtful Sound. 

This sea kayaking and camping experience in the wilderness epitomizes what Fiordlandis all about. Kayak amongst the towering cliffs and waterfalls. As you paddle back to base in the early afternoon on the second day keep your eyes out for the locals. If you are lucky our Doubtful Dolphins might come and say hello.

Go Orange Cruise Doubtful Sound - Dolphins

 You may have some burning questions before you embark, if so, feel free to reach out to any of our guides, online, social media or in the Go Orange retail stores.

Sound good? We can’t wait to have you experience the sound of silence with us.