MST Levy - Why we love Milford Sound

Go Orange Milford Sound Milford Haven Experience

Milford Sound tourism is the tourism infrastructure provider in Milford, they own and operate the harbor, wharves and visitor terminal in Milford. They work hard to run the wastewater plant and the recycling systems in the national park, ensuring our backyard stays pristine. Why are we telling you all this you may ask?

Well, the MST Levy (Milford Sound tourism levy) is a levy paid by all cruising passengers in Milford Sound. This is collected by MST and helps to provide visitor amenities and infostructure support to the port and harbor in Milford. Over 40% of this levy also provides valuable support for the Department of Conservation in Fiordland National Park. The Levy is paid by all visitors over the age of 14 using the port as Milford and is collected as part of your boat cruise ticket.

Go Orange Milford Sound Milford Haven Cruise

Go Orange will now be including all MST Levies for all travelers in the ticket price. We are dedicating to providing the funds to protect, repair and upkeep the area we are so lucky to call our backyard. To reflect the MST levy our prices will increase slightly, this incorporates the levy and GST. But that’s enough of the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why we love Milford Sound so much!

It’s tranquil

It’s one of the most peaceful places on the planet, and a beautiful environment to experience first-hand when here in New Zealand.

It’s our playground

Milford and Doubtful Sounds are home to 50% of our operation. We cruise and kayak through both fiords and it is truly spectacular, both experiences are not to be missed.

It’s natural beauty is out of this world

We are not wrong here. From the moment you enter the park, you will be blown away. From mountains, native bush, glaciers and the iconic Mitre Peak your camera will be full to the brim of epic scenes. 

The wildlife is pretty special

The national park is home to some of New Zealand’s native animals. The Kea bird will be sure to make an appearance along the Milford road so look out for these cheeky birds. Pods of Dolphins, Whales and NZ fur seals frequent in the Fiord and areas in the park are being used to rehabilitate the Kakapo bird. Exciting!

It’s one of New Zealand’s most sacred and pristine places

Again, this is a fact. Milford Sound has beautiful Maori legend and is also home to Pounamu, the New Zealand greenstone. The national park is beautiful and flourishing every day, with an annual rainfall of 6813mm a year you can imagine how green and lush the environment is.

We strongly urge all to make the trip down to Fiordland when in New Zealand. Whether you cruise or kayak, we guarantee the experience will be unforgettable.