Milford Sound Day Kayak

Milford Sound Kayak Adventure.jpg

There’s no finer feeling than scoring a great big tick through something that’s been sitting pretty on top of your New Zealand bucket list. Well, that’s what happened when we embarked on our Milford Sound kayak adventure with Go Orange.

The day started early with a 6 am departure from Te Anau. The drive is pretty easy on the eye through the heart of Fiordland national park so two hours flew by and before we knew it the kayak base was in sight. The friendly Go Orange team greeted us at the base and helped us sign in for the day ahead. We were split into groups and our guide, Oli, talked us through the clothing and safety gear before showing us to the kayaks and teaching us rookies how to paddle safely in the sound.

Milford Sound Kayaking with Go Orange.jpg

Our group had a paddle technique session and then it was into the kayaks to learn how to self-release our spray skirts. We carried our kayaks down to the water together and Oli pushed us out into Deep Water Basin. We slowly paddled around getting used to everything before ‘rafting up’ this is when your whole group comes together, holds each other’s kayaks and listens to Oli’s epic facts about Piopiotahi, Milford Sound.

Heading out into the Fiord was pretty daunting, the mountains tower over you and you slowly realise that you are a small boat in the open ocean. But don’t worry, Oli and the rest of your crew has your back. We crossed the Fiord and paddled towards Lady Bowen Falls. We had time to jump out and get some awesome waterfall shots before jumping back into our kayaks to explore more of the Fiord. Paddling under Mitre Peak is a pretty awesome yet humbling experience. We were lucky enough to catch some seals hanging out and feeding in the water close by, but we kept our distance and paddled away leaving them in peace.


Milford Sound Kayaking the fiords.jpg

After a few hours on the water Oli rafted up and we sailed back towards Deep Water basin. The water had picked up in the Fiord, so we went to explore inland. The sail is erected, and we had to work as a team to keep it up. It was lunchtime before we knew it. We pulled up on a secluded beach and had some hot tea expertly made by Oli while tucking into our lunch.

We paddled down towards the end of the Milford Track, Sandfly point and around the inlets surrounding Deep Water Basin. The Sheer Down mountain range stood tall above us as we slowly made our way back to base. The crew was epic, and we left feeling pretty educated about the area. 

Back at base, it was time to return all our gear and bid farewell to our new mates. We drove out of Fiordland National park with the biggest smiles on our faces.

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