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At Go Orange Rafting we offer an adrenaline pumped journey like no other as we expertly guide you through Grade 3-5 rapids on the Shotover River. You will embark on a man V nature battle of willpower in one of the most scenic environments in the world. Rafting where the jetboats fear to go we will then introduce you to the exhilarating rapids in the lower canyons, guaranteeing an experience like no other!

We have been rafting the Shotover River since 1974 and it’s safe to say we know the rapids like the back of our hand. Due to Mother Earth moving and shaking, some of the rapids have changed over the years, as have their names. Let us introduce you to some of our most famous rapids you will tackle during a Shotover river rafting experience. 

Grade 3-5 Rapids await you during this two-hour paddle experience. Start with a drive into Skippers Canyon voted one of the top ten dangerous roads in the world, down to Deep Creek. This is where your rafting adventure begins. 

As you float down through the scenic Skippers Canyon, your guide will teach you the ropes before you reach the Moana Roa Chief section of the river. Named after one of our dear raft guides who passed away last year. The section used to be called the ‘Mother’ section, however tribute was paid to Chief as it was his favourite section of the Shotover River. Here you will raft five rapids in a row, in quick succession of each other.

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Rapids

Aftershock & Squeeze are results of rock slips. Aftershock didn’t exist until one day rocks fell from the canyon above having a knock-on effect with a rock just a little further down, thus creating Squeeze, one of the narrowest parts of the river.  

Jaws used to be one of the tightest rapids and had a nice fin shaped rock creating the channel to raft through, again Mother Nature did her thing and moved that rock on. Jaws was then named after a tour bus driver who would accompany his groups down the river on every trip. This poor driver lost his false teeth during a trip and unfortunately, they were never found. We pay homage to his unfortunate loss by naming the rapid jaws.

Toilet, one of the most notorious rapids on the river and known to be a spot that some rafters may take a dip in the water. Named after the feeling of being flushed through the rapid, there is also a whirlpool sitting under the rock, creating the motion of a flushing toilet.

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Rapid Action

Oh Sh*t comes quick after toilet, because well, what comes after the toilet? Naughty we know, this rapid can also be pretty unpredictable and the rapid name is sometimes exclaimed throughout the trip.

When you reach the end of the river The Oxenbridge Tunnel will be waiting, created by the Gold miner’s way back in the day to redirect river flow the tunnel is 170m long and the end of the experience. That is of course when you have tackled the last rapid, Cascade.

Go Orange Rafting Shotover River - Take on the River

Named for its waterfall like appearance. You will cascade down Cascade, holding on one last time before floating back to base.

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