Insider Tips from your Sea Kayak Guide

We recently took a trip deep into Fiordland National Park and had a yarn with our summer kayak team. Here are some insider tips straight from the fiord to you.

Go Orange Kayak Milford Sound - Prep

-    If it’s a cold day, feel free to bring a flask full of tea or coffee. Your guide will have hot drinks available but only for when onshore. Bring your own, strap it to the top of your kayak and you can have a hot beverage when you please.

-    Bring two pairs of shoes and socks – one pair will get wet! We love our kayaks so we have to treat them with care. This means they are in the water before we get into them, meaning your feet will get wet. Fiordland beaches are not white and sandy; they are rugged and rocky so you must wear shoes to keep your feet safe.

 -    Leave all your expectations at the door! As guides, we have your best interest at heart. The whole trip is about you. Either tell your guide what your expectations are or come with none at all, you might find you’ll be blown away.

-    Don’t just do it for the photos. Do it for the love and experience in the outdoors. But, bring your camera and snap away.

-    We have safe places to store your gear and clothing while you’re on the water so you don’t have to take all your belongings with you on the kayak. We do however have dry bags for you to put your cameras, phone, and snacks in!

-    Always pack sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. On a sunny day, the wind, sun, and reflection off the water can be hard on your skin and eyes, gotta protect the goods.

-    Leave your cotton behind. Cotton is rotten and should be forgotten, little rhyme for ya. It is not a good idea to wear cotton in the outdoors. It does not keep you warm, especially when it gets wet. This includes underwear. Your guide will tell you their favourite pair of underwear are their woollen ones.

-    Bring your phone or GoPro for photos. Big expensive cameras are hard to manage when you’re on the water and there is always a chance they could get wet. Phones, action cams and selfie sticks are however welcome.

-    Muesli bars are perfect on water snacks! OSM is a personal guide favourite.

-    There is no cell phone reception or wifi in either location. Part of what makes these places so special. Screenshot or download your map before you drive into Milford.

-    There is wildlife in both Milford and Doubtful Sound but there is never a guarantee that you will see it. Just keep your fingers crossed that our locals will come and say hello.

Now you have the inside scoop and you ready to book this absolute must-do New Zealand adventure, head here to book your spot.