History of the Hamilton Jet

In the early 1950s an absolute legend, Sir William (Bill) Hamilton began experimenting in his yard with Jet Boats. Through many trials and hard work, he successfully created one of the best inventions to date. He pioneered the development of the Jet Boats we use today, what a legend, we appreciate you, good Sir.

Go Orange Jet Boat - action

How do our boats work you may ask? Well, the jet unit that sits at the back allows our boats to skim shallow water by using the power of waterjet propulsion. In a nutshell, the water gets sucked up through the jet unit and then forced out thus creating the forward motion and rapid speed.

The Go Orange Jet Boat pumps out enough water to reach speeds of 95kmph in shallow waters. We only need 10cm of that precious glacial water to power down the river, which is why you will see our boats hitting what may look like the edges of the river. These boats are designed to be the highly maneuverable meaning we can navigate small gaps, shallow water, and tight spins. Passing under the Kawarau Bridge we need to know our boats are at the top of their game, steering you through and performing those famous 360’s.

Go Orange Jet Boat - Above and beyond

So, now you know about the history of the Jet Boats, where they began and why we call our spins the Hamilton Spin you should probably come and experience it for yourself, right?

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