First time jet boating - What to expect

Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu, and the Kawarau River all form part of our epic Jet Boating experience and we can't WAIT to have you on board! Jump in, hold on and get ready to race into Queenstown’s most iconic activity. Jet Boating started right here on the North Island of New Zealand and made its way down South. We have an extreme fleet of boats waiting for just for you!

Here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect from your epic time on the Kawarau River,

Go Orange Jet Boat - Above and beyond

Famous 360 degree spins

& plenty of them. That’s right, the Jet Boat world is famous for its 360 spins. Be sure to dig your feet in, hold on tight and feel that glacial water on your face as we spin, spin and spin again.

Epic Views

Cameras at the ready, you are going to want to capture this experience. We dart past he Remarkables, race under the Kawarau bridge and speed towards the canyons. You are lucky enough to experience the Kawarau River and Lake Wakatipu during your adventure. So, clear your memory cards and get involved.

Go Orange Jet Boat - Canyon


Your trip hasn’t even started yet and we can feel the excitement. The Go Orange Jet Boat is packed full of moments that will have you pumped for days. The views, the speed, the spins, we got it all.

Fun for all

That’s right, our Jet Boat is for the little people too. We have tiny life jackets for your wee nippers and as long as they fit into these then we are all good to go. Our minimum age is two years old, maximum, well we don’t have one so bring your Nan, you Mum, Dad, Aunties and all… We will even look after furry friends while you adventure down the Kawarau River.

Go Orange Jet Boat - Jet Boat Faces

Epic drivers

We handpick the best of the best, just for you. Our guides are highly trained, legendary and know how to spin a yarn as good as they spin a Jet Boat. They will show you their awesome backyard, drop in some valuable local info and give you the chance to ask all those burning Jet Boat questions you may have.


Water, water everywhere! We operate on one lake and one river, joining together for the best Jet Boat experience in Queenstown. Did you know that Jet Boats only need 10cm of water to operate so be prepared to skim the shallows as you race over the lake. We do provide spray jackets, just in case the river decides to take a trip home with you.

 A helluva good time

That’s something we can guarantee. Jet Boating is epic. It’s iconic, it’s a New Zealand must do and it’s right here waiting for you in Queenstown Bay.

How does all that sound? Are you ready to jump on board?

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