5 Epic Facts about Milford Sound

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Did you know John Grono was the first European to discover Milford Sound?

John Grono was the first European to visit Milford Sound. The entrance to Milford Sound is so well hidden that Captain Cook sailed passed twice. It was in 1823 when a sealer called John Grono traversed through the narrow waterways to discover Milford Sound. It was originally named Milford Haven after a narrow inlet on the Welsh Coast.

Lady Bowen falls has an actual purpose 

Along with being Milford Sound’s tallest waterfall, she plays an important role in our village operation. She powers the Milford Sound village through hydropower. Heavy rainfall can see the falls quadruple in sound but during dry spells cause power outages. She is a pretty spectacular sight, so we don’t mind that much.

Milford Sound is one of the wettest places on Earth

On average it rains for 182 days of the year here in Milford Sound. They say there is never a bad weather day down here. The rainfall brings with it hundreds and hundreds of temporary waterfalls and makes our resident falls so much more powerful. Make sure you bring your jacket as you never know what will happen on your adventure.

Milford Sound is a Fiord

Way back when the Europeans were in town, they named the area Milford Sound however they made a mistake in doing so. Milford Sound is a Fiord. Fiords are carved out of glacial erosion; sounds are formed when a river valley gets flooded by the sea. So, our home is a Fiord, but we think Milford Sound has a good ring to it.

The Wildlife is amazing, fact!

If you are lucky then some of the Fiordland residents will make an appearance during your visit. On the road into Milford Sound especially around the Homer Tunnel we have a family of Kea’s, watch out for your windscreen wipers, they are little bandits. In the Sound we have pods of Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals, Penguins, and even Whales have passed through. Keep your eye’s peeled for our mates on your adventure.

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