10 Reasons to go Whitewater Rafting

If you’re looking for that extra push to get you out on our epic rivers, then here it is, 10 reasons why you should raft with us. We pride ourselves in offering the adventure of a lifetime, one that you will never forget and will be screaming from the rooftops about when back on dry land!

1. We can get you down two rivers.

The iconic Shotover River boasts grade 3-5 whitewater rapids that will have your adrenaline spiking, hold on, you’re in for a wild ride on this action-packed exhilarating journey! The Kawarau River is ideal for first timers, an adventure with a view. The perfect mix of whitewater and relaxing time to take in the epic surrounds.

2. Because when was the last time you looked fear right in the face?

We guarantee an experience you will never forget, gut wrenching drops in your stomach, pumping whitewater and thrills to last you a lifetime. Going head on with the elements in the ultimate man vs nature battle, truly making you feel alive.

3. Meet our epic team

We may be bias, but we think our team are pretty damn amazing! From our shop babes to the boys/ girls taking you down the river, they are all pretty epic! The guides are experienced and passionate about our water, providing you with awesome chat and all the commands to get you safely down that river.

4. Bonding with your besties

There’s no better way to bond with your pals than throw yourself down some rapids right? Grab your amigos, work friends even your mum if she’s up for the challenge and battle the whitewater together, saving each other from falling out the boat and working as a team to make it triumphantly to the end.

5. Adrenaline

Because that’s something we all don’t get enough of in life. We highly recommend that you inject adrenaline into your itinerary while in Queenstown. The Shotover river is the most popular choice for a reason, we promise not to disappoint.

6. Rafting is good for you

There we said it. Think stunning scenes, good for the mind and soul, pumping thrills, good to keep the brain active and finally exercise. Whitewater rafting is no walk in the park, you will have to pull your weight on this epic paddle journey, if you don’t, you may find yourself getting up close and personal with our safety kayaker.

7. Stunning scenes

That’s right, we have access to two of the most incredible locations in Queenstown, pack a dry sack for your phone you’re gonna wanna gram this stuff. The Shotover River boasts mighty canyon walls, exhilarating rapids and rock squeezes you’re not quite if you will make it out alive, but you will and Instagram will soon know about it. The Kawarau River was famously used in the first The Lord of the Rings film, as the River Audin, so get your fellowship on and relax soaking in that epic blue water and stunning Gibbston Valley surrounds.

8. Adventure

Above all, we guarantee you the most unique and wild adventure of your life! We can say that because we know how freeking awesome it is to whitewater raft. We have been throwing ourselves down these rapids for 44 years, so we have a pretty good handle on things!

9 & 10. Truly unique experiences & EPIC memories

You will leave with THE best memories. Fact. Whitewater rafting is one of the most adrenaline pumping, exciting activities out there. From a mission impossible helicopter-style entrance into the canyon in winter or embarking on a journey aboard our buses you will be buzzing from the get-go. A perfect mix of stunning scenery, powering the paddle and holding on for dear life down the whitewater, Go Orange got you and your rafting experience covered.

We cater for all, looking for an adrenaline filled adventure? Hold on tight and get ready to throw yourself down the iconic Shotover whitewater. If you’re looking for something a little more scenic, then pump it down the mighty Kawarau Gorge, tackling the rapids in and out of the boat. Our rafting experiences are legendary & we are more than ready for you to join us. We have a multitude of options, from half day trips to a three-day adventure down the west coast.

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