Percy - Raft Guide

Percy Go Orange

Q - How long have you worked for Go Orange?
This is my fourth season, I started three years ago and did a back to back year where I stayed in Queenstown.

Q - What is your job at Go Orange?
Safety Kayaker, Raft guide, shuttle bus driver and photographer/ video editor… all round legend to be fair. 

Q - Why did you choose to become a raft guide?
I went to Polytech in Christchurch and studied outdoor education and tourism. I wanted to be out on the water every day so looked for a job in Kayaking.

Q - How many countries have you Kayked in?
3. Australia, New Zealand and the USA in the Grand Canyon.

Q - What is your favourite river?
The Shotover will always be home and always be my favourite. The water levels, difficulty at times and epic crew that raft here make it the best.

Q - What your favourite rapid?
Toilet is pretty fun. She’s unpredictable at times adding to the fun of kayking and rafting.

Q - What would you do if you didn’t work for Go Orange?
I would want to stay on the water so I would teach kayaking to those who want to commercially raft or safety kayak.

Q - What do you do in your down time in Queenstown?
I follow the water, wherever the water is we go there to kayak. The west coast is pretty epic!

Q - What’s your favourite Go Orange experience?
In Winter the Heli rafting is pretty epic. We fly into the Skippers Canyon as the road is a little dangerous to drive. Also, the Landsborough trip is awesome! 3 days rafting on the West Coast and cooking up a great feed every night is a great activity if you’re down for a real adventure.

Q - If you could recommend one thing to your customers what would it be?
The Canyon Swing. One its epic & two you swing right over where we raft so you might see us to say hi!

Q - Who’s your favourite person at Go?
Ahh that’s a mean one! Everyone… obviously but if I had to pick a river buddy it would be Josh.

Q - What is your funniest memory rafting?
When I was training on the Shotover I had our rafting legend Chief in the boat, I was guiding the trip and managed to flip the boat, Chief was not impressed.

Q - What the best thing about your job?
Spinning yarns with people and showing them how epic our playground is!