Emily Croce - Australian Sales Manager


Q - How long have you worked for Go Orange?
6th June 2018 was my first day from thunder to orange!

Q - Why did you choose to live and work in Queenstown?
I went to a house party in Auckland and somebody told me Queenstown was the best part of New Zealand so got a job and booked a flight!

Q - What’s the best part of your job?
Meeting new people every day!

Q - Any memorable moments from your time here?
Our memorable sales trip to Auckland which just happened to fall on my birthday! I will say no more.

Q - Favourite experience in the company? and why?
Definitely has to be Shotover Rafting! I have done it too many times to count now and love it more every time!

Q - What do you do out of work?
In the Winter I spend most of my time up the ski slopes… otherwise socialising or spending time with my cat, Barry. AKA Barry Manilow, Barry Island, Barry from EastEnders or Barramundi.

Q - If you didn’t work here what would you do?
Spend a season in Japan enjoying the best snow and food in the world!!

Q - What was life before Go Orange?
I used to be a beach bum in Spain.

Q - If you could travel anywhere where will it be?
Japan, reasons stated above!

Q - What has been one of your biggest life achievements?
Facing my ultra fears of heights and completing two bungies in one day! (One just happened to be the largest in Australasia).

Q - Tell us one Interesting facts about yourself?
I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Q - What is your favourite feature on the brand new Milford Haven boat?
The beautiful comfy seating areas for chilling and naps. And the craft beer on tap of course!

Q - What’s one thing you suggest for people to do when they visit Queenstown?
Shotover Rafting every time! And that’s not just because I work for Go Orange, promise.