Calum Mould - Sales Consultant

Calum Mould Go Orange

Q - How long have you worked for Go Orange?
I started in June 2018, My new role in sales started in March 2019

Q - Why did you choose to live and work in Queenstown?
For the mountains and the outdoor lifestyle.

Q - Tell us about your new job in the company?
I’ve recently moved into the Sales Coordinator role which basically means rather than sell our products it’s now my job to make other people sell them.

Q - What are you most excited about in your new role in the sales team?
Getting out there and meeting loads of new cool people and being creative and come up with new and exciting ways to get people selling.

Q - What was it that made you change to an office based sales role?
It was an amazing opportunity to progress in this awesome company.

Q - Tell us the best part of your job?
Getting out and about meeting people and getting them excited about what we do. Also working with my fairly cool team.

Q - What has been the most memorable moment while you have been with Go Orange?
I’ve just recently spent a day thrashing a car around in the snow and ice for winter driving training which I won’t forget anytime soon.

Q - What is your favourite experience in the company and why?
Heli Rafting because it’s Rafting but with a Helicopter.

Q - What do you do out of work?
I’ll be throwing myself down a mountain for most of the winter!

Q - If you didn’t work here what would you do?
Probably in the mountains somewhere else doing the same thing.

Q - What was life before Go Orange?
I was working for a ski tour operator based in London where I lived for 10 years doing all sorts of jobs before deciding I’d had enough of the city life and the UK in general and it was time for a complete change.

Q - If you could travel anywhere where will it be?
Anywhere with epic mountains I’ve not had a go on yet – Canada or Japan.

Q - What has been one of your biggest life achievements?
Completely starting over again at the age of 29 and leaving my home behind to come on a massive adventure and creating a whole new life for myself on the other side of the world.

Q - Tell us one Interesting facts about yourself?
I’m the handsome chap in all the Go Orange promo videos.

Q - What is one thing you suggest for people to do while visiting Queenstown?
Bungy Jumping!