Brad Simmons - Assistant Rafting Manager

Brad Simmons Go Orange

Q- How long have you been at Go Orange Rafting?
For seven whole years.

Q - How long have you been a raft guide?
I started rafting in 2001.

Q - Why did you decide to become a raft guide?
I wanted a job I could enjoy every day and I knew being on the water would give me that.

Q - Where is the best river you have ever rafted?
Of all the rivers it would be the White Nile in Uganda. The river temperature, the waves and route made it pretty epic.

Q - How did you get in to rafting?
I took an adventure tourism course in Christchurch when I was younger, started kayaking and that eventually turned into rafting rivers and guiding.

Q - What has been the funniest moment on a trip?
I was conducting a safety briefing on a trip overseas, warm water rafting so no wetsuits involved and I had a group of Aussie tourists giving it the big one, showing off in front of the ladies but what he didn’t know is he had let the mouse out the house and all I could see was that as I was trying to practice paddle strokes, it made me chuckle anyway. Oh! and in Tully, Australia there is a rapid named Double D cup… let’s just say a few ladies lost items of clothing on that stretch of river.

Q - How many countries have you rafted in and which has been your favourite?
In total, ten. My favourite has been Japan. The ten countries include, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Uganda, Canada, Wales, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Austria, America.

Q - Who is your favourite person at Go?
Erm, Jono the beer brewer… Technically he works at Canyon Food & Brew but that’s next door to the raft base so he’s now my new best mate!

Q - Where would you work if you didn’t pursue a career in rafting?
I would 100% captain a pirate ship.

Q - What do you do on your days off?
I am currently training to be a wedding celebrant so that is awesome. Frisbee golf and beers at Red Rock are always on the agenda too.

Q - What is the one thing you would suggest for people in your boat to do in Queenstown?
A Scenic flight to Milford Sound, nothing beats flying over Fiordland.