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We inspire, challenge and motivate visitors and colleagues to go further, deeper and beyond the average.  With a mix of backgrounds and skills, we all have something in common - we make our backyard into a playground. This is the GO team....

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Adam Wilson - Business Development Manager

Our resident Iron man loves grabbin’ business by the balls and spreading the Go Orange love. Adam is a triathlon athlete using his speed and agility to land business across the country and the world. He has been with Go for over two years and is all about the adrenaline fueled, outdoor experiences that we provide.

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Emma Hansen - Head of Marketing

After making the leap across the pond our little Aussie comrade joined the GO ranks 13 months ago. She heads the marketing team, responsible for all those epic campaigns and ideas you see flying around the nation. If she’s not scaling mountains or supping on a cold brew you’ll find her mastering all things colourful at Go Orange. Emma turned her new home into her playground instantly and has found her place in the wild world of New Zealand adventure tourism.

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Indri Gordon - Head of People & Performance

Our head of people, the queen of culture and the ultimate party planner. If she’s not racing down the local mountain bike trails or hanging out with her badass son Robbie G, she’s making sure that our company culture is smooth sailing. She’s here to look after our people, their performance and all things fun. She’s your go to, your cool AF momma hen who makes sure all GO people live and breathe our ethos.

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Brad Simmons - Assistant Rafting Manager

Meet Brad, the guy who knows these rivers like the back of his hand. Our senior raft guide, veggie garden enthusiast and part time pirate. Brad has been rafting for over 17 years in some of the most incredibly scenic parts of our world. He spins an epic yarn and can tell you a thing or two about his days rafting the rivers in Queenstown.

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Percy - Raft Guide

The man, the myth, the mullet. Percy is a bit of a legend around these parts, a jack of all trades if you will. He has safety kayaking, raft guiding, bus driving and photographer under his experience belt. The Shotover River is his favourite river in the world and he can’t wait to show you why.

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Jack Simon - Raft Guide

Our resident full of life, always ready, river stoked raft guide Jack loves everything about his job and his new hometown Queenstown. Hailing from the North Island, Jack made the move to live in the mountains and raft one of the worlds most iconic Rivers. Ask him everyday what he loves and he will tell you the Shotover at 70 cumecs. If you're down for good yarns, Sh*t jokes and a unforgettable raft trip, get in Jacks boat!

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Josh Smith - Raft Guide

Originally a Honey farmer up on the North Island, Josh traded the tranquil life for one filled with adrenaline and whitewater. Moving to Queenstown to raft the mighty Shotover River after studying up north this life gives him a buzz like no other (haha get it?) This travelling raft guide will be off for warmer temps of Croatia soon and back to take on New Zealand’s best Rivers next season.

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Gemma Kelly - Operations Coordinator

Our resident kiosk babe Gemma will be stationed in Queenstown Bay overseeing everything Jet Boat related. The woman with a plan and a personality to match. If she's not out in the sun looking after our travelers and ensuring everything runs like clockwork, she's walking with her best mate, Bear, finding all the best secret spots in Queenstown.

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Harley Lawson - Head Jet Boat Driver / Skipper

From one paradise to the next, Harley hails from the tropical Abel Tasman National Park, seeking adventure. He packed up and moved down to the mountains in Queenstown. Catapulting his life into Jet Boat driving he now spends his days taking boats of thrill seekers up and down the Kawarau River. If he’s hooning around the lake, you’ll find him planning epic travel trips or hiking high in the mountains.

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Callum Mould - Sales Consultant

One would say Calum is quite the famous face around here, well maybe in Korea at least. Calum heads our Kiosk and looks after all things Jet Boat and Water taxis. Having been one of the OG Jet Boat crew he sure knows his stuff when it comes to running the day to day of kiosk life. If he’s not basking in the sun and gearing you up for a wild Jet Boat ride he’s out floating on Perky’s bar or hiking Ben Lomond – probably trying to avoid his fan girl group.

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Courtney Quintrell - Milford Haven Cafe Manager

Our very own Milford Sound guru, having lived in Fiordland National Park for over 5 years she knows this Fiord like the back of her hand. You will find Courtney hiking in the hills or showing off our incredible new boat, in charge of keeping everything sailing smooth and ensuring our travellers on board have an epic time. She spins a good yarn about Fiordland so be sure to ask her any questions you have.

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Carmen Marsello - Milford Sound Crew

Hailing all the way from the USA, Carmen traded the mountains of Queenstown for the serenity of Milford Sound. Why? Because she wanted to live in the most beautiful place in the world. Cruising all day or SUP’ing around the Sound on her days off, she’s never far from adventure.

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