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Shotover River Heli-Raft

Shotover River Heli-Rafting - Itinerary

  • Make your way down to the Camp Street store where you will meet the team
  • Check in 20 minutes before your experience starts
  • Jump on our shuttle that will take you to the Rafting Base at Arthurs Point
  • Meet the guides, grab your wetsuit and head to the changing rooms
  • Get kitted out with your spray jacket and life vest before getting on the bus
  • The bus will transport you to the start of the Skippers Canyon Road on Coronet Peak
  • Wait for your Helicopter to arrive and board with your team and a guide
  • Get ready for a scenic ride up and over the mountains transporting you to Deep Creek
  • Group together and listen to your safety briefing at Deep Creek
  • Meet your guide and start your Shotover River experience
  • Tackle the grade 3-5 whitewater rapids (Aftershock, Squeeze, toilet and Oh Sh*t to name a few)
  • Raft the 170m Oxenbridge Tunnel
  • End on one epic rapid, Cascade
  • Paddle back to base and load up the rafts
  • Enjoy a hot shower
  • Jump back on the shuttle to downtown Queenstown

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