Kawarau River Jet to Raft

In case you haven't found the information you were looking for, we've put together some of the most common questions our customers ask about our trips. If you need more specific answers, please contact us directly.

Can I participate in this experience?

We have a minimum age of 13 years for our experiences that include rafting.  You have to be between 40kg - 120kg. Please check the Terms & Conditions.

Can I take my camera?

Sorry, no cameras are allowed on the Jet to Raft experience for safety reasons. 

Is Jet Boating an inclusive experience?

Yes! We are affiliated with Makingtrax, an advocate for inclusive tourism. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and how we can make the trip inclusive for you. Check out Makingtrax

Do I Jet Boat in my wetsuit?

Yes, you do. We will take you to the Jet Boats from the Rafting Base. If you are not Jet Boating, you will stay in the bus and carry on via road to the Kawarau River put in.

Where do I put my wetsuit on?

You will get all your gear at the Raft Base before your trip begins. When you check in at the Camp Street store a shuttle will take you out to the Raft Base at Arthurs Point, here we have changing rooms and hot showers for when you return.

How long is the Jet Boat ride?

Your Jet Boat experience will be around 30 minutes long. You will be joining the Go Orange one-hour trip, once you have unloaded, they will turn around and head back to Queenstown.

Can all abilities enjoy a Go Orange experience?

We will accommodate your party as best we can across all experiences. Please contact us directly so we can discuss your needs and accommodate all members of your party. See inclusive details at

How do I get back to the Rafting Base after the experience?

Your experience will finish at Rafters Road where our bus will be waiting. We will load the rafts on to the trailer and head back to base together.

Are my experiences getting cut short because I'm combining two?

No, the Kawarau River Rafting experience is the same time as you meet the crew at the start point. Thunder Jet offer a 25-minute trip down the Kawarau River, that is what you are booking. Double the adventure.

Do we get lunch?

You don’t. Please ensure you have eaten before your experience, you will be on the water paddling for at least two hours.

Do we take the rafts and the paddles with us on the Jet Boat?

No, we wouldn’t want you to lose these during those famous 360-degree spins. All the equipment apart from the gear you are wearing will be taken to the raft put in on the bus.

Will there be other people on the Jet Boat?

Potentially yes. You will be joining the Go Orange one-hour trip so there will be Go Orange customers on the boat. You will sit together with the other rafters and a guide.

Will we see Dolphins on the Jet Boat?

Unless we find a rare breed of fresh water Dolphins during you experience then no you won’t see Dolphins.

Why should I choose Go Orange Jet Boat?

Apart from the fact that we are awesome, our Jet boats travel further and are cheaper than any other Jet Boat in Queenstown. Covering 44Km down the Kawarau River giving you that real wilderness experience. We offer a trip packed with famous 360 degree spins and navigate under not one, but two bridges. Our drivers are also pretty epic, spinning quality yarns and playing the best tunes.  

Can I take my bag?

Unless you require your bag on the boat for medical reasons we suggest you leave it with us on land. We have lockers that we can store your belongings in until you return from your experience.

Will I get seasick on the Jet Boat?

Hopefully you won’t. Our Jet Boats travel at speed and we throw in a few 360-degree spins, however if you’re feeling a little queasy just let the driver know.

Can I ride on the Jet Boat if I am pregnant?

We don’t suggest you Jet Boat if you are pregnant, sorry!

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