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Kayak + Cruise Milford Sound

"Best kayaking tour ever!!!"

Not only was the scenery astounding but so were the people who ran this joint!! My husband and I quickly became friends with everyone! It was an experience I would do again in a heart beat!! Thanks guys!!!

Manders128, Japan via Trip Advisor

"Outstanding, a once in a lifetime experience!"

If you are visiting New Zealand or considering it, don't miss Milford Sound. In particular, don't miss Milford Sound on the water kayaking. Go Orange's team was great. Harry picked us up and drove us to Milford Sound from Te Anau. He was a great guide, so excited about the trip, the location, and his country. His passion and excitement wore off on us.

In addition, we traveled to the sound just after a good rain and everything was flowing heavily, not to mention snow at roughly 2500 ft. There were waterfalls all over the place and the scenery on the road to the sound is absolutely amazing. 

The view of the sound when we arrived was spectacular. We've seen fjords in Norway that are amazing, but what was most interesting here was the steep and rugged peaks around this sound, the mountains appear much younger than in Norway, so they make for an amazing backdrop to the deep sound.

Our guide took us for a 2.5 hr kayak. We had planned on 5 hrs, but the wind was too strong. However even in that wind he directed use to the Lady Bowen falls where we got a great view. We saw bottle nosed dolphins and jellyfish and many smaller waterfalls. We returned to the shore and Go Orange arranged a 2 hr cruise to the end of the sound given our kayaking trip was shortened. This was an exceptional cruise with outstanding views.

All-in-all an unforgettable day.

Ken G, Helsinki via Trip Advisor

"Best kayaking experience"

One of the great things to do when at Te Anau is to go to Milford Sound. The best thing to do is to kayak at Milford Sound and what better way than to do it with Go Orange! 

Tim, our guide was professional, caring and funny. He brought us around the Sound and gave us tidbits on the how the sound was created and the flora and fauna of the area. Apart from that, my transfer from Te Anau was smooth and we went to many a scenic site along the Milford road.

If you want to experience the Sound up close, do it via Kayaking - it also helps burns the calories from the beer you drink!

Dleow, Singapore via Trip Advisor

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