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Kayak Doubtful Sound

Kayaking Doubtful Sound is the kind of experience you'll dine out on for the rest of your life. It's a bold statement, sure but ask anyone who's ever been on one - they'll back us up!

Kayak Doubtful Sound - Itinerary  

  • Make your way to Manapouri, a twenty-minute drive from Te Anau or a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Queenstown
  • Head into the Manapouri Visitor Centre and speak to the team to check in
  • Make sure you check in 20 minutes before your experience
  • You will meet your Kayak guide here at Manapouri
  • Grab your boarding pass and wait for the Real Journeys boat across Lake Manapouri to West Arm. 
  • After a one-hour cruise we will arrive at the Manapouri Power Station where your bus awaits
  • When we reach the terminal, follow your driver, he will lead the way to the bus
  • Board the bus for a 45-minute spectacular ride over the Wilmot Pass
  • Make sure to grab some awesome shots along the way, we will stop at the lookout, where you can get your first sighting of Doubtful Sound
  • Head to the Kayak Base to gear up
  • Change into the thermals, spray jacket, life vest and spray skirt provided
  • Listen as the guides work through the safety briefing
  • Pack your phone, camera and snacks into the dry bags provided
  • Head out into Doubtful Sound for your three-hour kayak adventure
  • Explore deeper around Doubtful Sound visiting small coves and islands
  • Bring snacks to enjoy as we take short breaks
  • Keep your eye out for the Doubtful Sound dolphins or penguins, they may make an appearance
  • Paddle back to Kayak Base with the team
  • Hand back all your gear after getting changed and jump on the bus for the 45 minute journey over the Wilmot Pass
  • Cruise over Lake Manapouri back to the Manapouri Visitor Centre
  • Drive safe on your travels & don’t forget to tag us in all your epic shot

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